I came across this site upon seeing some of my friends sharing the link on facebook. Out of curiousity, I clicked on it and checked it out. Upon browsing the site, clicked here and there, I realised it is a marketing platform for beauty brands to reach out potential new customers via sampling strategy.
So, how does OnlyBeauty work? Here is an extract from their official page on FAQ :

  1. Why is OnlyBeauty giving away free samples?
  2. OnlyBeauty work closely with beauty product manufacturers and brands to help distributing free samples to our members. However, members that have successfully applied for free samples and tested will have to come back to rate the product and review. 

  3. How can I apply for free samples?
  4. Firstly, you have to register as our OnlyBeauty member. You will have to apply for each samples allocated daily and our system will pick the luckiest members to receive the samples. 

  5. How frequent does OnlyBeauty giving free samples?
  6. We open for product sample application online on our website every Monday to Friday. However, do stay alert for our announcements for some outdoor roadshows where more beauty product samples will be given away. 

  7. How does OnlyBeauty select its successful sample applicants?
  8. OnlyBeauty has a built-in intelligent system that smartly select the members that topped our preset criteria. Criteria may contain how active is the member in our website, when was the last time received a free sample and many more. 

  9. How long will I receive the sample if I have successfully applied for it?
  10. Due to the high cost of posting, we have opted for POS Malaysia standard postage service that might take 3 to 10 working days to reach your doorstep. However, OnlyBeauty promised to post every successful samples.

  11. What should I do if I have successfully applied for the samples but have not receive for weeks?
  12. Sometimes we have hit some delays while preparing the samples which take more time to deliver. If you are facing this problem, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service at feedback@onlybeauty.com.my and our officer will assist to solve your case. 

  13. Can I purchase beauty products from OnlyBeauty?
  14. OnlyBeauty is launching its E-Store in the near future and members will have the opportunity to purchase great deals with us online using credit cards or bank transfers. Stay tuned! 

  15. How many accounts can I register with OnlyBeauty?
  16. Every member is strictly to only one account. Duplicated accounts will be blacklisted if detected by our system. Our management is working hard to prevent duplicated account and will take action against those who messed up the database.

Unlike the traditional sampling team that will approach you aggressively at the shopping complex or supermarkets, OnlyBeauty targets the new age internet users also known as netizen [Internet Citizen] by allowing them to apply the product sample/s that they desire comfortably. I personally do not like people being too aggressive in stuffing samples to me when I have no interest to try it out at the first place. Some are overly aggressive that I find them annoying.

Apart from mere sampling, OnlyBeauty has a pool of reputable beauty bloggers that blog about their experience on the products that they have tried. With ladies from different background and lifestyle, you can follow whoever that relates better to your style. So instead of you being stalked, you can now start stalking someone else ;)
Meet the dedicated OnlyBeauty's bloggers ...
Here is my perspective about this marketing strategy.

As an end user, I do not mind checking out new products in the market and request for a sample prior to making decision whether I want to make a purchase. Most importantly, I get to choose the sample that makes sense to me according to my needs instead of grabbing tonnes of products home which I may end up throwing it away.

The only downfall is the applicant is randomly picked, so you will never know if you are obtaining the samples or not. Here is where the 'luck' element comes in :)

Even if I am not one of the lucky ones, I find this site informative as I am able to find product reviews from both the bloggers and end users. Reviews do come in handy in shedding some insights on how do the products work and set certain expectation out of it. 

From a brand perspective, this is an alternative channel to reach new prospects which conventional advertising or sampling method could not reach. 

Feedback is very key for a brand to understand the customers' sentiments and which product is more popular amongst the users. ROI may not always come in terms of sales but in terms of reviews and feedbacks, which enable other potential customers in decision making.

Instead of being a mere sampling platform, OnlyBeauty is stepping up to provide e-commerce service to their customers. 

Have you seen this cute little beauty bag by Bag Of Love?
Did you know that this is an exclusive beauty bag edition collaboration between OnlyBeauty and Bag of love? It is limited edition, with limited units available. If you have subscribed to this bag, are you aware that this is the only bag with all FULL SIZE PRODUCTS so far? 

I'll blog about the Special Edition bag another day :) After all, the bag's highlight is on OnlyBeauty's e-commerce site launch instead of mere beauty products :D
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