A girl friend asked if I would like to join in for a massage session at Vila Manja. Since it has been awhile I take a break from my 3 boys, I thought it was a good idea to pamper myself a little. 
Vila Manja - a great QUICK "get away" from the city

As we have agreed to meet up at 11am, I attended church second service at 8:30am and proceed to KL immediately after the session ended.

So where is this Vila Manja located? I showed my husband the address the night before as Jalan Damai sounded familiar but I had no clue where it is. I even thought of using GPS as I do not have good sense of direction. Aha! It was near Lionel's ex day care ... quite a secluded place and not many people know this area. 

Villa 41, Jalan Damai, Off Jalan Tun Razak,
55000 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan,
Tel: +6 (03) 2161 5418
Fax: +6 (03) 2161 5417 

Email: [email protected] Facebook: www.facebook.com/VilaManja
The "not too girly" purple theme :)
Now let's unlock the door and start the spa experience at Vila Manja ...
As I entered the place, it was a 'wow' to me. I love the sweet lemon grass scent which was hovering in the air. It was lightly scented and not too over powering. 

Did you notice there was this little pond in the middle of the sanctuary? There were lovely fishes swimming in the pond. I am sure my kids would love to be here with me, feeding and fattening the fishes :)

Nice place, nice scent ... nice view ... a good beginning for a pampering session. 
As I arrived early, I toured the place a little while waiting for the ladies. I like the layout of the place - spacious and unique. Space is essential to relax the mind. Being in cramped place makes me feel claustrophobic. 

There are several areas where you can sit down, have a cup of nice warm ginger tea and relax. This is one of them :) 
The outlet manager; Marry Anne greeted me with a cup of sweet ginger tea which is not too spicy nor sweet. As age catches up, I don't really like sweet stuffs anymore. I would love to make this tea on my own but it is quite a hassle, so I'll pass and just enjoy what is served instead.
As you entered the place, right after the fishy pond, this is what you will see. Isn't this lovely? This platform reminds me of the traditional Malay wedding where the bride and bridegroom will sit together for the "upacara bersanding". 
On the left side of the place, prior entering the dining area, there was this wooden cupboard. This is some sort of old antique wooden cupboard that is nicely maintained. I remember my late great grandmother used to have a furniture like this. 

A rare sight of wooden furniture at this place makes it a warm place to be. Perhaps my age is catching up and seeing things which was once common and now rare to be found is quite nostalgic.  
I am quite amazed with the little details of this place. Every ornaments placed is meant to relax your mind ... Getting into the mood of relaxation is pretty important as you can't fully enjoy the spa session with your mind thinking of the outstanding work that you need to complete, right :) I am so thankful today as my husband has agreed to take care of my 2 little botaks ... Thankful and grateful.
Here is where we proceeded to a light lunch after we had a good pampering session. For now, have a look at the place.

I remember one of the girl friends was happily lazying on the comfy couch after lunch and almost dozed off too. It is a nice and cozy place after all :)
Another chill out area to catch up with good friends and chit chat ... 
These 2 cute statues are placed at the stair case before we entered the massage rooms ... Look so relaxing by just looking at it :)
If you are wondering how much did I spend for a massage session at Vila Manja, I would say it cost me MYR 79 for a 60 minutes body massage. Of course, this is by bringing another friend along by sharing the Vila Manja discount coupon which I obtained from the Worthy Book. It only cost MYR 29.90 for a worthy book and you get to either save or even obtain free beauty services from the participating brands.
The ladies edition from Worthy Book :)
I get to know about the Worthy Book when they approached us to be featured in this special ladies edition. This is also where we advertised our masks [Timeless Truth Masks].
Group photo [from left to right] : Ayna, Illy, Sereen, Tammy, Wing and Suanne
A great pampering session with friends during weekend and a quick [a couple of hours] getaway from kids and work - PRICELESS :) 

Of course, the massage session was AWESOME.
23/7/2013 08:32:40 pm

nice write up Suanne :) all the best and welcome to blogging!

23/7/2013 10:25:26 pm

AMBOI!!! SUANNE IS A BLOGGER!~!!!!!! (inept talent!) proud to kena massage with u .. HAHAHHAHAHA!!! where u get all these pics?!

24/7/2013 01:32:37 am

Hahaha. Touched by mamasan, encouraged by Illy and since my husband bought me this domain, cannot let it untouched and fade away ...

24/7/2013 11:23:22 am

Lovely post Suanne, I'm so looking forward to read more from you <3

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