Every now and then I will bring a child of mine to the market. I can't bring two of them as it will be very tough for me to manage especially when they start running around.

Today, I brought my younger child whom we address as "Didi" which means little brother in Mandarin to one of the local market - Taman Tun Dr Ismail wet market. I prefer this place as it is cleaner and more organised.

Apart from seeing the fish and poultry, Didi's favourite spot was the toy shops. Needless to say, he is forever amazed by the Ultraman buddy ... So fascinated :)
The main reason I brought my kids to the wet market is to learn how to appreciate people from all walks of life. I taught them to be grateful and thankful despite the different wealth and social status in life. Whether they are a corporate professional or a humble cleaner, we are all equal.
On our way home, we saw 3 blind uncles selling tissues. Didi pulled my hand and said,'Mom, we must help the poor uncles'. I handed him 3 RM 1 and he happily and cheerfully donated the money to the uncles. While handling the donation, he said,'Good morning pakcik' and every pakcik smiled at him.

Lesson of the day - You do not need 'sight' to 'see' kindness ...

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