"Some people are just so lucky. They are born with silver spoon and always be at the right place at the right time."

We look at others with envious eyes, wishing and hoping we too are that 'lucky'. Sometimes we even wonder ... they are so wicked and cunning and sly but they are always lucky. What is the point to be a good person when you always end up with nothing. Some will ask you "How much does your conscience, loyalty or righteousness worth?" Just do it and enjoy the moment for life is short.

True, life is short and not many bother about life after death too. Since we have no clue whether there is really heaven and earth, might as well happy happy joy joy enjoy our life now and that is also when you hear people say,'Live life to the fullest'.

Speaking of luck, I am never the so called lucky type. I have to work hard to earn everything I have. Often discriminated in the past for not hopping on to certain 'boats', I paid for the price and become even more unlucky than others that obediently giving in to the 'pirates'. BUT, since I know what is pleasing to my Father in Heaven above, I kept walking His way despite not receiving anything in everyone's eyes. Some even call me stupid BUT ... I sleep well and my conscience is clear.
When I had no luck, I believed in hard work. I worked harder than most of my colleagues in hope to exchange for a better work environment. Of course, most of the time, I was never the blue eye girl in my managers' eye. Sometimes, even seen as the thorn for not giving in to pre-loading orders or to hint to customers or partners what is the price to win certain projects. I remember I told my bosses before,'I am a Christian. I rather quit than walking such path.' Imagine how would my life be for standing up for my Lord, someone that I have not even seen in my life and quite a number of people may even think I am fighting a lost battle for an imaginary person whom I call God. But I held my head high and did what was pleasing to my Lord. 

The Lord has always been gracious to me. I have ASEAN or AP or even WW position bosses that keep me safe for being who I am. In every MNCs I worked, somehow I have these people that will be there to help me to keep myself safe. Coincidence of act of God? I leave it to your interpretation.

As years pass by, when the strength of my hands and spirits are low in energy, I started to learn to depend on my Lord. I told him,'Father, I am tired. I have no more strength to fight and I will just hide behind the scene, do my work and leave the battle to you.' I rejuvenate in His grace.

Walking with the Lord doesn't mean I have to win all the time. There are times God will ask me to take flight when the situation is no longer in favour of me BUT for every door He closes, He will open one that is even better for me. If He is with me, no one can go against what He is commanding me to do for He will make sure I win the good race for Him.

Does that mean my life is forever smooth sailing? Nope but for every situation and trials He put me into, I often learn a big lesson in life which $$ can't compensate.

Too many people emphasis on the importance of $$ to the extend they are blindfolded with other riches they already have. Out of dust we are made and from dust we will return. 

What would you do differently today to have a more meaningful and fulfilling life?
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