"Some people are just so lucky. They are born with silver spoon and always be at the right place at the right time."

We look at others with envious eyes, wishing and hoping we too are that 'lucky'. Sometimes we even wonder ... they are so wicked and cunning and sly but they are always lucky. What is the point to be a good person when you always end up with nothing. Some will ask you "How much does your conscience, loyalty or righteousness worth?" Just do it and enjoy the moment for life is short.

True, life is short and not many bother about life after death too. Since we have no clue whether there is really heaven and earth, might as well happy happy joy joy enjoy our life now and that is also when you hear people say,'Live life to the fullest'.

Speaking of luck, I am never the so called lucky type. I have to work hard to earn everything I have. Often discriminated in the past for not hopping on to certain 'boats', I paid for the price and become even more unlucky than others that obediently giving in to the 'pirates'. BUT, since I know what is pleasing to my Father in Heaven above, I kept walking His way despite not receiving anything in everyone's eyes. Some even call me stupid BUT ... I sleep well and my conscience is clear.

Every now and then I will bring a child of mine to the market. I can't bring two of them as it will be very tough for me to manage especially when they start running around.

Today, I brought my younger child whom we address as "Didi" which means little brother in Mandarin to one of the local market - Taman Tun Dr Ismail wet market. I prefer this place as it is cleaner and more organised.

Apart from seeing the fish and poultry, Didi's favourite spot was the toy shops. Needless to say, he is forever amazed by the Ultraman buddy ... So fascinated :)
The main reason I brought my kids to the wet market is to learn how to appreciate people from all walks of life. I taught them to be grateful and thankful despite the different wealth and social status in life. Whether they are a corporate professional or a humble cleaner, we are all equal.