I came across this site upon seeing some of my friends sharing the link on facebook. Out of curiousity, I clicked on it and checked it out. Upon browsing the site, clicked here and there, I realised it is a marketing platform for beauty brands to reach out potential new customers via sampling strategy.

"Some people are just so lucky. They are born with silver spoon and always be at the right place at the right time."

We look at others with envious eyes, wishing and hoping we too are that 'lucky'. Sometimes we even wonder ... they are so wicked and cunning and sly but they are always lucky. What is the point to be a good person when you always end up with nothing. Some will ask you "How much does your conscience, loyalty or righteousness worth?" Just do it and enjoy the moment for life is short.

True, life is short and not many bother about life after death too. Since we have no clue whether there is really heaven and earth, might as well happy happy joy joy enjoy our life now and that is also when you hear people say,'Live life to the fullest'.

Speaking of luck, I am never the so called lucky type. I have to work hard to earn everything I have. Often discriminated in the past for not hopping on to certain 'boats', I paid for the price and become even more unlucky than others that obediently giving in to the 'pirates'. BUT, since I know what is pleasing to my Father in Heaven above, I kept walking His way despite not receiving anything in everyone's eyes. Some even call me stupid BUT ... I sleep well and my conscience is clear.

A girl friend asked if I would like to join in for a massage session at Vila Manja. Since it has been awhile I take a break from my 3 boys, I thought it was a good idea to pamper myself a little. 
Vila Manja - a great QUICK "get away" from the city