Every now and then I will bring a child of mine to the market. I can't bring two of them as it will be very tough for me to manage especially when they start running around.

Today, I brought my younger child whom we address as "Didi" which means little brother in Mandarin to one of the local market - Taman Tun Dr Ismail wet market. I prefer this place as it is cleaner and more organised.

Apart from seeing the fish and poultry, Didi's favourite spot was the toy shops. Needless to say, he is forever amazed by the Ultraman buddy ... So fascinated :)
The main reason I brought my kids to the wet market is to learn how to appreciate people from all walks of life. I taught them to be grateful and thankful despite the different wealth and social status in life. Whether they are a corporate professional or a humble cleaner, we are all equal.

I believe in God's timing. He is never late, but may not be early :)

I have been trying to keep up with a blog many years back but it died off naturally as I did not have much content to write about. I hope this blog will be kept alove as a way to express myself. Since I post lengthy posts on my personal facebook account, I might as well post it here and get it organised :) And what is the biggest motivation this time? My husband bought me a domain - suannelai.com. So how can I leave this gift unpacked and fade away? 

When I was 16, I met my husband on IRC (Inter Relay Chat). We chit chatted a couple of times, then he started to ignore me. Little did I know that we were from different time zone. When I messaged him, he was actually sleeping but this person never bother to explain himself, therefore left me with a snobbish impression.

The year I turned 21 years old, I broke up with my boyfriend and this same person happened to join in a "yum cha" session with my friends. If my memory serves me right, we started seeing each other 2 weeks later. We never thought the relationship will work but I believe fate has brought us together. What is meant to be yours will be yours. Through this man, I am blessed with 2 sons :)
 My kids both age 7 and 5 this year [2013]
"I believe there is a reason for every season be it the people you meet, places you go, emotion that you go through etc. Whichever season you are going through right now, have faith that tomorrow will be a beautiful day.

May you find peace in whatever you do :)
"The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step and yet the first step is always the toughest of all."

A newly made blogger friend whom I happen to know from the internet recently was looking for a mummy blogger to blog about something. 

"Anyone knows any popular mummy bloggers out there with baby below 2 years old or 5 years old? This is an opportunity to review baby products! Click the link to fill up application form :)"

I jokingly responded that "Maybe I should start blogging too? Hahaha ... Mummy stuffs seems to be my expertise." And that is how this blog started. 

I was thinking of what name should I use since everyone seems to have an interesting name. In the end, I have decided to just be myself - Suanne Lai.

What will I be blogging? I have no clue. Let's see how far this blogging thing can bring me :)